LUBBOCK, Texas — A good portion of Lubbock and the surrounding area flooded after heavy rains, leading to some folks to try and brave the flooded roads in their cars — ultimately getting stuck. 

But in typical West Texas fashion, one group of locals has come to the rescue.

“We’ll go out there and ask if they are okay and if they’re okay with us giving them a pull. Usually I’ll just pull in and back in front of them and then we’ll get out and put a strap or a chain on your car and just pull them wherever they want to go,” said member of the Lubbock Blizzard Recovery group, Zach Proctor. 

The group was originally started to help folks during the winter who’d slipped on ice or gotten stuck in snow. But when the road started flooding, they new they need to get back in action.

“It’s pretty cool seeing the community come together and help the locals out in a time of need and seeing everyone in Lubbock helping one another,” said Proctor, “It feels really good to help people out.”

Proctor is a student at Texas Tech and has been a member of the group since February. He said he loves getting to use his passion for trucks for more.

“It’s fun for me because I’ve got my big truck so it gives me a chance to go out and play in the mud a little bit,” he said, “but it’s nice that people are so appreciative, and just helping someone that’s having a bad day.”

Proctor did mention they always have to be careful not to get their cars stuck as well.

“I’m really cautious about where I drive it, so when we went to one out in Wolfforth on that dirt road I just crept down that road and if it ever gets too deep or too slippery I’ll just back right out,” he said. “I don’t want to do anything to put my truck in that situation where I get stuck.”

The group is doing their best to help people turn around a slippery situation.

“It’s free of charge. We don’t want anyone paying us because we don’t want to add a bill on top of somebody’s bad day,” said Proctor.

Flooded roads can often seem shallower than they are, so when faced with a flooded roadway make sure to turn around, don’t drown.