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LUBBOCK, Texas — As Texas Tech Seniors celebrate graduation weekend, they are also preparing for the next chapter to find jobs.

Datreon Taylor, majoring in restaurant hotel institutional management, said he was a little stressed out about graduation since he could only invite a few of his family members, but that he was excited to have a job lined up in his field.

“I’ll be going to Colorado on the 20th to start a new job, and it was actually really easy to find one thanks to my program. They brought recruiters with different companies–they pretty much had it set up for us,” said Taylor.

Jay Killough, managing director at University Career Center at Texas Tech University, said students are excited and ready to jump into the job market. This year, Killough said he has seen students more open to different options outside of their first choice.

“I think there’s a broader job emphasis these days versus what it was five years ago when it was more targeted,” said Killough. “Instead of going into my plan A, I want to see what B and C have to offer, potentially, and see which one I like best.”

Killough said he has seen more of a growing interest in certain industries.

“A lot of students are getting interested in anything from clinical mental health counseling, [to] nursing professions- physician assistants, occupational therapy, physical therapy-a lot of the healthcare professions are really growing,” said Killough.

Killough said he’s also seen a growth in students enrolling in grad school.

Kaevyn Maple, who double-majored in psychology and global studies, said she had opted to go to graduate school due to her career field and the competitive job market.

“Grad school is kind of important now if you’re going to get a better job,” said Maple. “A lot of places won’t accept a bachelor’s degree anymore. It’s just not good enough.”

Killough said he wishes the best for graduating seniors.

“Don’t be afraid to fail at something and take the experience what it’s worth and soak up all you can learn,” said Killough.

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