Grand jury indicts Samuel Little for murder charge

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Lubbock, Texas — Serial killer Samuel Little has been indicted for the 1993 murder of Bobbie Fields.

According to the indictment Little, “did then and there intentionally or knowingly cause the death of an individual, namely, Bobbie Fields.”

Criminal defense attorney, David Guinn, said since Little is 79-years-old, he would age out before he could be tried in the over a dozen states he is wanted for murder in.

“If officials in different states are comfortable,” Guinn said. “And there are adequate procedures put in place in the states that do try and convict him, they may leave their hold in place and not take any action towards bringing him to that state.”

Guinn said as of now Texas has placed a detainer, meaning if for some reason Little is released, Texas among other states will be next in line to take Little into custody.

“You can bet that every prosecution authority has their case ready and is waiting to make sure Mr. Little never sees the free light of day again,” Guinn said.

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