LUBBOCK Texas- One local woman in her 60’s is training for a national bodybuilding competition.

Linda Childers-Perry won first place in a competition in Dallas last month and will compete in the Pittsburgh Pro Masters the week of July 19th.

“I’m 60–that doesn’t mean anything to me, age ain’t nothing but a number,” said Childers-Perry. “I want people to know you don’t have to be any age to start. You can start in your 60’s, 70’s.”

Childers-Perry said she first got introduced to bodybuilding after leaving an abusive relationship, going to Women’s Protective Services.

“I was broken to the point, ‘You’re not going to amount to anything,’ ‘Nobody wants you,’ You’re got a ‘ready-made family,'” said Childers-Perry. “When my kids were involved in it, it wasn’t enough for me to keep myself in it because I knew I wanted to protect them.”

Childers-Perry said the abuse would kill you if you stay in it and that she hopes her story will inspire others who are in unhealthy relationships to seek help.

“I mean you might think that you’re by yourself, but you’re not. You’re not by yourself. There is a way out. You’ve got Women’s Protective Services to make sure that you’re safe,” said Childers-Perry. “You can get out of that. Look at me–I got out of that.”

Jeremy Garcia, the owner at Iron J’s Gym, said he’s known Perry for years and that she is someone who can inspire all ages.

“She’s an athlete that works with us, but she’s a really good friend and really embodies what can be done if you stick with it,” said Garcia.

Garcia and the Iron J family have set up a GoFundMe to help Childress-Perry in her competition. Click here to donate. 

Childers-Perry said she’s putting all the work before her competition and that she’s proud of how far she has gone.

“I never lose,” said Childers-Perry. “I don’t care if it’s first, second or third. I still won because you’ve won because of what you have done.”