LUBBOCK, Texas — Grocery stores are racing to restock their shelves as many were left bare while folks stocked up on food and supplies in preparation for the winter storm.

“Obviously, when people see a snow scare in West Texas, they are going to get out and come buy groceries,” said President of United Supermarkets, Sidney Hopper.

Bread, meat, and milk were the hardest items to keep stocked as United Supermarkets experienced shipping delays, but they never missed a shipment due to the winter weather.

While H-E-B was unavailable for an interview, they say their supply chain was interrupted by the storm, and they have placed temporary limits on some of their products to allow all of their customers access to them.

Both H-E-B and United did modify their hours last week because of the storm.

“We stayed open as long as we possibly could cause we knew a lot of our guests were going to have trouble getting there and back and taking longer because of the roads,” said Hopper. “So we just extended our hours as long as we could. And at the same time and making sure our folks got home safely too before it got bad.”

United said they were hit by some of the rolling outages seen across Lubbock, but we’re still able to keep stores running due to backup generators.

“Even though we had some periods where we were down a little bit, we were still able to have some emergency lighting on and check out people, so someone could come in and get what they need,” said Hopper.

United said they hoped to be fully stocked by the end of the weekend.

“I think we have a great team that’s learned over the years to think on their feet really quickly, and at the end of the day, our goal has to be doing whatever we can to make sure we are open and available to serve out guests and take care of them,” said Hopper.