LUBBOCK, Texas — Manuel Juarez-Mendez, 37, was found guilty Friday afternoon after a trial in Lubbock County for aggravated sexual assault of an adult. He was accused of raping a woman in May 2018 with whom he previously had a consensual relationship.

A neighbor testified that Juarez-Mendez forced his way into the woman’s home. She could hear the victim screaming for help.

“It was horrible, the way she was screaming,” the neighbor said.

Image of Manuel Juarez-Mendez from Lubbock Co. Detention Center (2018 arrest)

When police arrived, officers found Juarez-Mendez and the victim both in the home. The victim was described as inconsolable.

Another witness testified that at the hospital, the victim was “crying uncontrollably.”

According to courtroom testimony, the victim “appeared to be bewildered, had a hard time gathering her words, [and] appeared extremely exhausted.”

The woman testified in court that Juarez-Mendez covered her mouth with a baby blanket and her face with a pillow. She testified that during the struggle against Juarez-Mendez, she passed out.

In closing arguments, the defense attorney said she’s not a babe in the woods. The defense said she’s the mistress in this soap opera. Prosecutors during closing arguments said the
evidence is uncontroverted; she did not want to have sex with this man.

The jury began deliberations at 10:15 a.m. Friday. The verdict came in at 2:39 p.m .

Juarez-Mendez has been in the Lubbock County Detention Center since his arrest at the woman’s house. Jail records listed his home address in Grand Prairie.

Special Note: Mr. Juarez-Mendez was listed two different ways in the official records. He was listed as both Misael Juarez-Mendez and Manuel Juarez-Mendez.