LUBBOCK, Texas — A man was hospitalized Tuesday after a person fired a gun into a home in the 2100 block of 16th Street, according to a Lubbock Police report.

Police described the injury as moderate.

Several bullet casings were found outside of the home when police arrived, according to the report. There were also several bullet holes in the walls through the house.

Police said there was blood from the first victim on the floor of the home leading from the living room into the hallway and kitchen.

One of the victims in the house told police they heard gunshots coming from the front of the home, so they grabbed an ax and guarded the door to their bedroom in case someone tried to come in.

According to the police report, they called 911 while they were hiding.

Another victim told police, he was sitting in the living room with the first victim when the suspect approached the home and opened fire into the living room window.

They told police that both he and the first victim fell on the ground, and the gunshot victim began to crawl toward the kitchen. He also told police that after the shots stopped, he crawled over to the victim to check on him.

As of Wednesday, a suspect has not been located, according to police.