HALE COUNTY, Texas — Curtis Graham, a homeowner in Hale County, experienced a single-engine plane crash Thursday morning that he told EverythingLubbock.com could have ended worse.

According to Graham, around 8 a.m., he and his family heard the loud noise from the crash. It was foggy outside, he added.

“So we look out and this small plane’s coming across from west to east,” Graham said. “And he come all the way across in front of my cross…and then he hit a dirt pile that I have out there and it threw his wheel off and he landed just barely on the other side of my fence.”


Graham emphasized that most plane crashes do not end well, and it was bittersweet that the pilot was not hurt and the plane did not hit his house.

“You know, my house is here and it happened right there. So I’m thankful because my mother lives with us. My wife, my dog, it’s my little place, you know,” Graham said.

Graham said that if he was riding with the pilot, “I’d probably have to change my britches.”

The plane landed just shy of Graham’s home, west of the Hale County Airport, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“I don’t know how they’re gonna get the plane out of here. I don’t think they’re flying out here,” Graham said. “I got enough room, if they want to try.”

Graham believes this situation would have been even more dire if the cross in his yard had not been there.

Plane crashes just west of Hale County Airport, nearly missing a home and landing in front of a cross. (Nexstar/Staff)

“I told him [the pilot] that and he thinks so too because he just got out and walked away and he could have, so many things could have happened in that scenario,” Graham said. “He could have ended up in our coffee.”

The pilot was uninjured, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety who assisted with the crash. The FAA was continuing its investigation into the incident.