LUBBOCK, Texas – Smyer women’s basketball coach Todd Nichols told Everything Lubbock his doctors found three small tumors in the back of his brain back in December.

He said he was coaching a basketball game and noticed he was having vision troubles. His vision was “shaking constantly.”

Once Nichols started steroid treatments, his doctors were able to figure out that one of his tumors was cancerous. Nichols said he has been getting chemo treatments since the middle of March, and he is hoping to be done by June.

Despite him getting weekly treatments, he has kept up his hard work coaching. Nichols is the head coach for women’s basketball at Smyer as well as the assistant track and field coach.

After telling his team about his diagnosis, Nichols said they “kept playing hard and made it very easy to keep going.”

Nichols tells his team, “handle hard better.” This phrase has kept him going throughout his journey. Nichols said it means that “in everything we do, things don’t get easier, you learn how to handle things better.”

An old basketball friend of Nichols created a t-shirt dedicated to his phrase, “handle hard better.” The proceeds from this shirt will help with his medical expenses, according to a social media post.

Nichols doesn’t enjoy “having the spotlight,” but he is very grateful for his support system, he said. Nichols said he, “wants to make sure his ‘thank-yous’ are said to everyone.” He said the amount of “love and support” he’s seen has amazed him.

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