LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday night, Lubbock citizens worked together in an hour-long mission to rescue a kitten stuck on a pillar on Marsha Sharp Freeway.

According to Lubbock Animal Shelter’s Officer Rackler, people in an apartment complex nearby noticed the cat meowing from the freeway around 10:15 p.m. They swiftly took to social media with the incident and then called first responders.

Image courtesy: Lubbock Animal Shelter

Officer Rackler said when he arrived, he initially lowered some material down to the ledge to see if the kitten would walk onto it. Instead, the kitten was scared into a crevice.

Next, Lubbock Fire Rescue was dispatched. When firefighters attempted to go up in a bucket and grab the kitten, it again got frightened, and went deeper into the crevice. Lastly, LFR put up a ladder and first responders prepared for the kitten to jump.

The kitten attempted to run away but lost its footing and fell on the roadway. Luckily, she was caught before running into the oncoming traffic.

One citizen decided to take the kitten and named it Marsha, after the Marsha Sharp Freeway.