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LUBBOCK Texas – As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the Hub City, the Lubbock Health Department is continuing to organize vaccine clinics.

Amy Gearhart, a public health nurse at the Lubbock Health Department, said that with more Delta variant cases being seen in the South Plains, she and other health care workers are concerned.

Gearhart said the city of Lubbock is hosting 2 to 3 clinics a week.

Click Here for clinic locations.

“I know it’s scary to get a shot or a vaccine,” said Gearhart, “and it’s scary when you were a kid. But you know, it’s doing what’s best for our community and what’s best for our work and our schools and the people we love.”

Gearhart said she knows it’s a personal decision to get the vaccine but that she’s seen the pain that COVID-19 can bring.

“It hurts me as a nurse to talk to them on the other side,” said Gearhart. “When someone had died, and someone is sick, and they’re saying they wish they would have.”

Twelve-year-old Sadie Fryar said she had good reason to go out and get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I have to take a shot so when I go to middle school, I won’t even have to wear a mask,” said Sadie, “This is probably going to be the best year ever since all my friends at my old elementary school are going to be there.”

Sadie’s mother, Amy Fryar, said she and her family are trying to help protect others by getting vaccinated.

“Sadie wants to be part of the solution. She wants to help, said Amy, “Obviously she doesn’t want to wear a mask. She doesn’t want to lose time by having to be at home [and] she doesn’t want her friends to be back home.”

Kathy Callahan said she was hesitant at first to get vaccinated due to fear of reacting to the vaccine, but after speaking to members of her bible study and a nurse, she decided it was best to get vaccinated.

I was concerned about the delta strain… and that’s the reason I called the health department,” said Callahan, “Just felt like it would be better to go ahead and have it done, especially with our age.”

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