LUBBOCK, Texas — As residents prepare for the holidays, the Lubbock Police Department wants to remind families of things they should prepare before they go. 

“As you’re preparing to leave if you’re leaving town, just check your car, check your air pressure in your tires, make sure you have a spare and make sure it’s ready to go,” said Lt. Brady Cross. 

Cross recommends checking the weather before hitting the road to make sure conditions are good to drive. 

“If you find yourself on the side of the road, make sure it’s a safe spot. You know, if you have a flat tire a lot of times, we’re worried about damaging the car further but let’s get off the roadway, get onto the shoulder and make sure it’s a safe spot even if that means driving on a flat for just a bit,” said Cross. 

For those leaving their homes unattended, Cross recommends letting a neighbor know to keep an eye out on your home, “The first step we would advise is to make sure that all your doors and windows are locked, that’s the easiest point of entry. You can make sure that your lights are on timers so that they’re coming on in the evening hours. There are timers, there’s smart bulbs, all kinds of options that folks can use to make sure that it appears that their home is occupied or that someone is coming and going to give the appearance that the home is being occupied.”

Lubbock Police can also have your house on watch while you’re gone. 

“What that means is that an officer who’s assigned, who’s working their beat, if your home is within the beat where they work, when they’re not on a call or not doing something, they will drive to your neighborhood, drive past your home and check to make sure that everything is the way it should be,” said Cross.