LUBBOCK, Texas — The mother of Zoe Campos spoke Tuesday during the sentencing trial for Carlos Rodriquez. Rodriquez pleaded guilty Monday to the murder of the 18-year-old.

During her testimony, Melinda Campos said how her family searched for Zoe every day for about a year after she went missing in November 2013.

“I lost my baby,” she testified. “It took a toll on me. It had an impact on all my family.”

Melinda said, as time went by, her family did not know where Zoe was and that she did not know how to cope.

Melinda explained how she felt the day Zoe’s body was found five years after she went missing in November 2018.

“It was the hardest thing knowing that she had been killed and just buried,” Melinda said.

She also testified that finding the body did not bring closure to her family.

“Because he [Carlos Rodriquez] is still breathing and she is not,” Melina said. “She loved her family. She was such a family person.”

The sentencing phase of Rodriquez’s trial will continue into the week.