Higher gas prices, minor shortage due to February winter storm

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Yellow ‘Out of Service’ bags have been popping up on gas stations around town.

“We are starting to see the after-effects of a couple of things,” said Director of Fuel and Convenience for United Express, Angelos Lambis.

Some stations are seeing a minor gas shortage, with prices the highest they have been since 2018.

“We were seeing prices go up prior to that big winter storm, but that really caused some price spikes in the Texas market,” said AAA Texas Spokesperson, Daniel Armbruster.

February’s winter storm being the one to blame for limited supply and higher prices.

“There is definitely some limited supply out there, and it’s just a matter of being able to work with logistics to deliver product into the market,” Lambis said.

COVID-19 also contributed to a slight decrease in supply.

“We are also seeing a little bit of demand for retail gasoline, and that’s mostly due to more people getting vaccinated for covid. And we are headed into the warmer months, where traditionally more people travel,” said Armbruster.

Over the past few months, gas prices have risen, but over the last week, gas has dropped by a few pennies. Experts said there is no way to know if this trend will continue.

“In the fuel business, there is never a dull moment. Prices are always going up or down, supply is up or down, but I think it’s just important for us in the industry to make sure it’s just smooth,” said Lambis.

Despite the limited supply, experts told folks this is not something to worry about yet.

“There is no reason to panic or anything like that. There is plenty of gasoline stock,” said Armbruster.

While experts aren’t sure where the average gas price will head over the next few months, to save on gas now, they recommend avoiding quick stops and starts and taking any unnecessary items, especially heavy ones, out of your car.

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