LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Police Department has a Crisis Intervention team, a group of trained mental health professionals called out to assist in a wide array of situations.

“Police officers are trained specifically for certain duties and they have a lot on their plate and a lot to do, so to have somebody with a different kind of training to come along and maybe relieve some of the burden on that police officer,” said Andy Young, Coordinator for the Crisis Team. 

Young is trained in psychology and counseling services and is also a psychological consultant with the Hostage Negotiation and Swat teams and also oversees the Critical Incident Stress Management teams. One of many members on the team that uses their background in Mental Health to help on the field. 

“Domestic disputes, domestic violence, sexual assaults, traffic fatalities, suicides, homicides, Again, anything where a police officer thinks, ‘Okay, I could use somebody with a mental health background,’ said Young. 

The Crisis Team not only provides emotional support, but guidance as well. 

“There’s a little advocacy and education that goes along with what we do, you know, consulting with officers about ‘hey, what’s the best thing to do here in light of your training experience,” said Young.

The Crisis Team is a vital component of the Lubbock Police Department.

“You’re just there for them, sometimes they just need to vent and then the officer may be busy collecting information or something else,” said Mary Garcia, Member of the Crisis Team, “What is challenging is to remain focused and in that moment without breaking down, because you need to support that client or person, whoever is in need.”

Providing support and resources to those in need is what The Crisis Team specializes in.

“A lot of it is our empathetic and calm presence in the midst of a crisis,” said Young.