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Hobbs Fire Department responds to bee attack on local residents Friday

HOBBS, N.M. (NEWS RELEASE) - The following is a news release from the Hobbs Fire Department:

At approximately 7:35 a.m. on Friday, June 1st, Hobbs Fire Station 1 responded to a call in reference to a bee attack in the 1000 block of North Leech. Upon arrival, Battalion Chief Max Brown describes a scene of “bees swarming everywhere” as swarms of the pests flew around one victim and a second victim attempted to spray the bees with a hose, while also being attacked. Within 10 minutes of arriving on the scene, the scene was mitigated by Hobbs firefighters and the two (2) patients were transported to Lea Regional Medical Center.

It was reported that one victim was mowing the lawn with an abandoned building on the property when the lawn mower was bumped against the building and disrupted the hive within the building’s walls, which caused the bees to swarm and attack. The second victim was attacked while attempting to subdue the bees by spraying the first victim with a hose. Upon arrival, Hobbs firefighters established a safe zone for the ambulance crew until they were cleared to enter the scene and safely retrieve the patients for transport. Two firefighters were in full bunker gear while they hosed down the bees with water and firefighting foam, which incapacitated the bees. Within ten (10) minutes of arriving on scene, the two (2) patients were safely retrieved by the ambulance crew and then transported to Lea Regional Medical Center.

The Hobbs Fire Department encourages everyone to exercise situational awareness while performing outdoor activities during the hotter seasons, particularly around high vegetation and abandoned buildings. It may be difficult to know if there are pests and how many may occupy the area. If you see bees flying around the area, avoid disturbing the hive and contact a beekeeper or pest removal specialist immediately.

(News release from the Hobbs Fire Department)

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