HOBBS, N.M. — An arrest warrant provided new information Monday on the arrest of Alexis Nicole Avila, 18, in Hobbs who was charged Friday with attempted murder. More specifically, Avila was accused of throwing her newborn child into a dumpster while temperatures were in the mid-30’s Fahrenheit.

On Friday evening a man called police to say he found a baby in a dumpster behind a business. The baby was wrapped in a “pink bath towel,” the warrant said. The towel was soaked in blood, and the newborn was crying.

Police said, “The baby was transported to a local hospital by Hobbs EMS. The child was subsequently transported to a Lubbock Hospital for further pediatric treatment.”

WARNING: The video is graphic. Discretion is advised before clicking the play button.

At last check, the child was described as “stable” by Hobbs Police.

Police then used surveillance video from nearby business to find out the baby was left in the dumpster at about 2:00 p.m. The video also led officers to a particular car and then to Avila who was identified as the driver.

Police talked to Avila who said she initially had no idea she was pregnant until the day before. She told police she gave birth in the bathroom of her parent’s home.

“Alexis [Avila] explained she panicked and didn’t know what to do or who to call after the fact,” the warrant said. “[Avila] then stated she cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the baby in a towel and placed the baby inside a trash bag before she started ‘driving around.’”

She admitted, the warrant said, that she dumped the baby in a dumpster.

When asked what she thought would eventually happen to the baby, she “remained silent and couldn’t answer,” the warrant said.

“Alexis [Avila] referred to the baby as ‘it’ at all times,” the warrant said.

(Police scheduled a press conference for 3:30 Central/2:30 Mountain on Monday. We carried the event. Check out the replay below.)

CORRECTION: A reference to the child’s biological sex was listed incorrectly in an earlier version of this story. The reference was removed.

Below is the replay of a press conference by police in Hobbs. We apologize. There are some technical problems with the audio.

Police on Monday said Avila’s bond was not yet set. Police later said said a court hearing on setting bond and detention would be held Wednesday. Avila was released until the hearing, police said.