LUBBOCK, Texas — Domingo Losoya, 44, of Lamesa accepted a plea deal last week for possession of a “destructive device.” In August 2020, officers from the Department of Public Safety and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team searched Losoya’s home in Lamesa with a narcotics warrant.

Officers found a pistol, a gun made from the parts of a Marlin rifle and a homemade improvised weapon.

“Officers continued searching the bedroom and found a pipe that appeared to be a homemade, improvised firearm loaded with a 12-gauge shell lodged in a portion of the pipe and containing a concealed firing pin. The weapon appeared to be a homemade firearm,” court records said.

“Losoya stated that the improvised firearm had been left at his house by someone else and described the aluminum railings that had been used to make a prior homemade firearm,” court records said. “Losoya stated that he had possessed this weapon for approximately two to three months.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives analyzed the weapon at its Firearms Technology Criminal Branch (FTCB). The FTCB called it a “slam fire” weapon.

“[It is] a 12-gauge shell loaded into the rear of the barrel that could be ‘slammed’ rearward into the fixed firing pin in order to fire the weapon,” court records said.

Neither the gun made from the parts of the Marlin rifle, nor the slam fire weapon were registered, court records said.

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If a federal judge accepts the plea deal, Losoya will be sentenced to no more than 10 years in prison.