LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock couple out on vacation were able to catch a home invasion on camera – all because of the love of their pet cat.

Brooklyn Vernier said she installed pet cameras to keep an eye on her cat, Bella, throughout the day, and when they were out on vacation it came in handy.

“I feel like they are seasoned robbers because they took stuff that they can sell and trade easily and we were only three hours east of here [her home],” Vernier said.

According to Vernier, they got a motion alert around 9:00 p.m. on November 20. However, when her and her husband tried to look at the camera, it said it was offline.

“He was looking on his phone and just said, ‘Brooklyn,’ and my heart dropped,” she said. “My first thought was something happened to Bella. But then he was like, ‘I think someone broke into our house.’ I looked over and I saw the footage of a man walking through our living room.”

She said it made her feel sick to the point where she got the chills.

“We didn’t see what they took. We just know they were in there. And I was so upset and terrified [that I] couldn’t just get here and couldn’t check on my cat,” said Vernier

They immediately took action and called the Lubbock Police Department to check on their home and cat.

“I just told them like, ‘Hey, I’m out of town. I saw someone on my cameras breaking in at 9:00 p.m. My cat’s there. Can you send someone to check on my cat?’ Because I knew they weren’t going to be able to see what was stolen because only we would really know.”

Vernier said officers found the back door kicked in and, at first, were not able to find her cat.

“The back door had been busted open, kicked-in and was wide open and they couldn’t find my cat at first,” she said. “And so they’re calling me and I was telling them all of her favorite hiding spots hoping that she hadn’t run out of the house. And they found her.”

Vernier said this experience has made her feel less secure in her own home.

“We sat on the couch all night with all the lights on and didn’t sleep. And now we have security system and cameras and all the things that we wish we would have had already. But it’s been very unnerving,” she said. “And, like, every little noise that we hear every day now we’re like jumping out of bed and, like, we’re not comfortable.”

Vernier said she hopes her story can raise awareness and, hopefully, stop the burglars and get her things back along with other potential victims.

Home Break in. Courtesy of: Brooklynn Vernier