LUBBOCK, Texas – On Friday, many residents at the Park Meadows Villas in East Lubbock said they received eviction notices because of rent that was past due.

Mother of two, Vanessa Morin, 26, said she paid the months in question and tried to take her receipts up to the leasing office to resolve the issue. As of Monday, Morin said she was worried because as far as she was concerned, nothing had changed. 

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“I mean, honestly, I’m kind of disappointed,” Morin said,“ because we’ve been here so long, never had an issue, never missed a payment and all of a sudden, we gotta go.” 

Morin said she had proof that she paid those months of rent, and that she has been trying to get things cleared up. However, she said that the phone number for the office appeared to be disconnected. 

“You’re missing this much money, which like I said, it’s hard because we paid it,” Morin said, “And you guys don’t know where it is. And you’re not trying to help us? Like, how can we help you when you don’t want to help us?”

And Morin wasn’t the only resident who said she was anxiously waiting to see what happens next. Amanda Martinez said she had been trying to get a hold of someone in the office for the past few days on an update or to resolve the issues.      

“They just not open. I called and nothing,” Martinez said. “She even gave me her number, her cell phone number, some lady in the office when that happened, but it went straight to voicemail.” 

Armando Romero saw the story when it aired on Friday and reached out to KAMC News. Romero said that he used to do maintenance on the property and recently quit, because of his own concerns. 

“It was just their mentality is very awful,” Romero said. “I ended up quitting because … I needed parts. I even needed a tool for a  water heater. And I thought, ‘You know what, I’ll just see what I can do to try to get it for a water heater.’”

“So, I said, ‘Fine.’ I bought my tool with my own money, you know, and I even bought the part for the heating element for it. I even bought it out of my own pocket,” Romero said.  

Romero said the managing property is called Asset Living.

At this time, no one from Asset Living nor Park Meadows Villas has agreed to officially comment on-camera. People who work in the leasing office who have identified themselves as management said that they have just taken over the property over the last 3 months. They also claim to be working with residents to resolve the problems.