An arrest warrant revealed even more gruesome details about the events leading up to the murder of Holli Jeffcoat, 18.  Jeffcoat was found dead in a home in Northeast Lubbock County on February 10. 

Jeffcoat’s mother, Debi Bryant Holland, 38, was arrested Friday night for aggravated sexual assault. 

Ms. Holland was not accused of performing the sexual assault.  But rather, she was accused of acting as an accomplice to James Holland, 39 – Jeffcoat’s stepfather – who was arrested on March 10 for the sexual assault of an underage girl. 

Sexual Assault Before the Murder

An indictment accused Mr. Holland of sexually assaulting a family member of Jeffcoat’s.  In addition, the newest court document – the arrest warrant of Debi Holland which was made public Monday morning – accused Mr. Holland of sexually abusing Jeffcoat as well over the course of several years. 

In other words, there were two sexual assault victims – not just one. 

In the arrest warrant of Debi Holland, the sexual abuse of Jeffcoat was documented back to 2008.  But Children’s Protective Service could not prove who committed the abuse at that time and no charges were filed.

The new arrest warrant said, “On January 29, 2016, Holli Jeffcoat told school personnel in Lorenzo that she had been impregnated by James Holland.”

Allegations of a Cover Up

“Debi Holland was aware that Holli [Jeffcoat] was pregnant by James Holland prior to January 29 and instructed Holli not to tell anyone and thus aided James Holland in the continuing molestation of Holli.”

The warrant said Ms. Holland was also aware that Mr. Holland was abusing the other underage girl.

“When specifically asked whether mom knew about James and Holli having sex, Holli said yes. Mom told her not to tell anyone because mom needed James to pay the bills.”

The warrant described a circumstance in which Ms. Holland caught James Holland in a compromising situation with Jeffcoat’s underage family member up to two years ago.  Ms. Holland kicked him out of the house for two months, “however, Debi allowed James to return to the home.”

On February 2 a medical test confirmed Jeffcoat was 12 weeks pregnant.

On the same day as the medical test, Jeffcoat was taken to the Children’s Advocacy Center for an interview.  The warrant said Ms. Holland was argumentative and did not want a sexual assault exam done on Jeffcoat.

“Holli also said that her mom was going to be really mad if Holli said James’ name.”

Jeffcoat Had Mental Age of a Child

Jeffcoat was previously described by the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office as a special needs student. 

The warrant took it a step further, saying, “Holli was in special education and her mental age was approximately 6-7 years of age.”

“Holli Jeffcoat was incapable of giving consent for sexual intercourse and is a disabled individual under the aggravated sexual assault statute.”

Removing the Baby

Jeffcoat was found with her throat cut “and her womb and uterus were removed.”

But prior to that, when Jeffcoat was telling her story to school personnel, “Holli [Jeffcoat] said that her mom doesn’t want Holli to have the baby.”

“They didn’t have enough money to take the baby out … James was going to take the baby out with a coat hanger.  Holli was going to be in trouble because James was going to jail now.”

Internet Searches

The arrest warrant said, “A search warrant was performed on the Google email of Debi Holland.  Included in the material provided by Google were searched performed when the email address was logged in.” 

“There were numerous searches for incest porn, mostly involving stepfathers and stepdaughters.”

The warrant did not say which person made the internet searches.  It only identified the account as Debi Holland’s.

The Arrest Warrant’s Conclusion

The arrest warrant said Ms. Holland provided Mr. Holland with access to her daughter and the other family member even after being made aware of sexual abuse.  It also said Ms. Holland attempted to cover up the crime by telling Jeffcoat not to use James Holland’s name. 

“This aided James Holland in the aggravated sexual assault of Holli,” the warrant said.

Debi Holland remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Monday in lieu of a $500,000 bond.  James Holland remained locked up ion lieu of a $2 million bond.