LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock confirmed Monday that 160 patients are being treated for COVID-19, which is the highest number released and double September’s average.

Hospitals such as University Medical Center and Covenant Medical Center have continued to expand their services to accommodate those patients from Lubbock and outside of the county.

CEO of Covenant, Chris Lancaster, says they host around half of their patients from other jurisdictions.

“It’s fluctuated between 30 and 40 percent,” said Lancaster. “We always say this virus doesn’t have a ZIP code. It’s not a factor for us in what we choose to manage. We want to take care of patients who need our support.”

Covenant currently has around 90 beds available after expanding one of their units, while UMC could fill 70 more spots at this time.

UMC Communications director, Eric Finley, said they are staying flexible with where COVID-19 patients could stay.

“It’s constantly inflexed how many ICU beds we even have we have,” said Finley. “We can transition patients even if they are COVID positive. They don’t have to be in the ICU; they can be in what we call a medical surge bed.”

Both UMC and Covenant are prepared for a potential surge as flu season rolls around and will plan to expand capacity as needed.

The city also confirmed seven new deaths, which is the most reported in one day. We are told five of the seven were listed as nursing home cases, all from Heritage Oakes.