LUBBOCK, Texas — A home in north Lubbock that has been hit repeatedly by paintballs over the last few week, recently had fireworks were thrown at it. 

The house sustained some damage to the outside and while each incident was caught on camera, those who live inside still have no idea who is behind it. 

“I was born and raised in this house. I lived here my whole life,” said Chris Covarrubio of his childhood home. 

Almost once a week a car drives by around 1:00 a.m. shooting paintballs at the house, with the most recently involving fireworks. Covarrubio is scared for his sister who lives in the house now. 

“It’s gone from just property damage with paintball guns to artillery shells that could have burned the house down, caught the trees on fire, caught the car on fire and now you are dealing with families living in homes where the house could have caught on fire while they were asleep,” said Covarrubio. “If the house had caught fire, our memories would be gone from this home so it becomes personal.”

From the videos captured Covarrubio believes the culprits are teenagers, and hopes their parents might turn them in.

“If the parents can recognize the car and know that their kids have paintball guns the parent needs to take action,” He said. “Because eventually these individuals are going to get caught up with the wrong individuals and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

After filing police reports they are still no closer to discovering who is behind it.

“The fun and games have stopped. You did what you were doing, we cleaned up the mess, now it’s time to stop. This is not the time now to go messing with people’s property because you don’t know what those people have to protect their property,” said Covarrubio. 

Covarrubio claims that even after living in the area his entire life, he’s never seen anything like this and hopes police are taking action.

“We hope the police are stepping up their patrol and taking this situation seriously because these are teenagers more than likely and nobody wants to see a teenager get hurt,” he said. 

Covarrubio is asking if anyone recognizes the car in the video to help him and police figure out who’s behind this.