LUBBOCK, Texas – The City of Lubbock reported this week over a thousand COVID deaths since the beginning of the Pandemic. Funeral Homes in the area reported having repeat business within the same month.  

House of Angels Funeral Home Director in Charge Deana Grissom said they’ve been busy over the last few weeks, tirelessly working to support and serve families who lost their loved ones. Grissom said it’s nothing like what she’s seen in her 25 years of service. 

“This has become a little bit different,” Grissom said. “Because the length of time we’ve had it, the length of time that it’s been here. We’ve had to work with it a lot more than anything else that I’ve dealt with, at least throughout my profession.”

Grissom said the heart-breaking stories their funeral home has seen involved families losing one member after another. 

“It’s been repeated and multiple times,” Grissom said. “We’ve dealt with a family that lost the wife, and then two weeks later lost the husband. We’ve dealt with a father son situation just minutes apart from each other. We’re dealing with the fact that we had a son in here and had services one day, and then the same day, we were having services when the brother passed away.”

Grissom said it’s not just funeral homes that have been busy trying to support families. Grissom said the coroner’s office and cemeteries in the area are busy coordinating with the funeral homes and churches in the area.  

“Cemeteries are just as busy,”Grissom said. “So, think about it, we’ve got three main cemeteries in our community, and they’re servicing 8 to 10 funeral homes in our community, because every funeral home goes to every cemetery that’s in our area. So, they’re not only having to get my family’s in, they’re having to get families from all of the other funeral homes in at the same time. And so they’re having to work with their schedules and all of the other funeral homes to make that accommodations.”