LUBBOCK, Texas — For several months, Lubbock resident Larry Garcia has not been able to return back to work after contracting the coronavirus April 5. Garcia said he is still feeling the effects of the virus four months later.

“The nightmares I was having were real ugly and it’s just been really tough for us,” Garcia said.

He no longer has the coronavirus, however, he said following the disease, his daily life has changed.

“It affected my eye vision, it affected my blood pressure and I’m still going through a lot of– my nerves are not right,” Garcia said. “I have the shakes real bad.”

Garcia spent four weeks in a coma and paralyzed. Not only that, but the long list of medications he’s taking has caused him to break out in a rash. He said his voice has also changed.

“When they stuck that equipment down my throat, it affected my voice. In the mornings when I wake up, I don’t have a voice,” Garcia said.

He’s not alone. Dr. Prekash Strestha, Infectious Disease Physician and Medical Director for Infection Prevention at Covenant Health, said many patients report complications following pneumonia. Patients might have blood clots that could lead to seizures.

“The most common is scarring of the lung tissue,” Strestha said. “Whenever a tissue is…any tissue has scarring, there is a very low chance of recovery.”

Garcia said prior to having coronavirus, he was an active man, working from sun up to sun down. He said he has since learned a lot, and wants to remind folks to take the virus seriously.

“It just doesn’t cure in two weeks, I’ve been out of work for four months,” Garcia said.

Garcia said his loved ones’ support kept him fighting, even during the darkest of times.

“I almost didn’t make it,” Garcia said. “The prayers that my wife and my family and friends did for me helped me out a lot.”

Dr. Strestha stresses the need to follow CDC guidelines and practicing social distancing.