LUBBOCK, Texas — Dozens gathered at a community meeting on Tuesday night at Groves Branch Library to discuss the future of the historic brick roads that run along Broadway from Texas Tech through downtown. 

City Councilwoman for District 6, Latrelle Joy, hosted the meeting and invited the public out to voice their opinions on what direction the brick road should take. If it should be left alone, repaired, or torn down completely. 

“People come at it with the attitude that this would preserve some of the historic brick if not all, and at the same time would help with the problem of the fact that we didn’t maintain the brick,” Joy said.

Joy hopes the council gathers plenty of feedback to come to a conclusion on what to do with brick roads. They released a survey to take input from the public. The survey was originally supposed to close June 4th, but has reopened and can be found here.

50 people were in attendance at the meeting, some for and some against preserving the brick. 

Visit Lubbock recognized the brick roads as the “famed brick roads of Broadway.” They were laid back in the 1900s and have not been maintained since.

Bella Teeter is a student at Texas Tech and said she knows the significance behind the bricks and just how special they make the town. 

“It’s obviously historic, It’s been around for years, plenty of tech alumni recognize the exact same brick roads that they had when they were going to tech,” Teeter said. 

Max Tarbox was one of the few to speak out against the idea, claiming the roads are the reason he lost his insurance to do the damage from the brick roads. 

“I was having problems with the bottom plate of my car coming off because it kept hitting the bricks,”

Tarbox said. “I don’t enjoy driving on the brick streets, they’re bumpy and noisy, they damage my car and I just would like to have a modern technologically savvy pavement that was comfortable to drive on.”