LUBBOCK, Texas — After breaking ground one year ago, the 36-mile, six lane freeway known as Loop 88, is still underway.

With the vast growth in the 806, officials said our roadways needed an outer loop.

“We’re seeing growth ongoing while we’re under construction. And so, you know, a lot of people will see those convenience stores that are going in on all the corners of the major intersections along with subdivisions and that sort of stuff,” said Michael Whittle, Lubbock area engineer with TxDOT.

The completed project will expand west from Highway 84 in Slaton, wrap around Lubbock and connect to the Clovis Highway near Shallowater.

“Right now, they’ve been focusing on that eastbound frontage road and the eastbound main lane. Subsurface construction, which is the storm sewer. So, they they’ve got the majority of the frontage road complete. And now they’re kind of working on part of the main lane, storm sewer as well,” Whittle said.

Whittle said this phase is about 20% done, with about 4 more years until it is completed.

As for the entire project, officials said it would take decades to complete.

“We’re just progressing toward working on getting those frontages, that east bound frontage roads open. So that we can move traffic off of the old 1585 FM road and put it on the new frontage road. And then that way, we can start building the majority of the rest of the roadway,” Whittle said.