LUBBOCK, Texas – The snow last weekend gave the city a taste of what may be to come. Temperatures are slowly dipping below freezing, causing the City of Lubbock to ramp up preparations to keep the roads safe. 

The snowfall on Saturday was close to a total of 3 inches and hung around for a few days, leaving drivers to wake up Sunday morning to icy roads. The City of Lubbock’s Director of Emergency Management Joe Moudy said measures were immediately taken to ready the streets for ice and sleet. 

“We prepared Friday by loading our trucks with a salt and sand mixture,” Moudy said. “To go out and be put out on the roads. Then Saturday, we deployed those units, they deployed seven salt and sand trucks with Foreman’s to help maintain the roads.” 

The amount of snow that fell was just under the line that would call for the plow trucks to be deployed. They only deploy the trucks when there’s closer to 4 inches of snow. However, Moudy said they’re fully prepared for when they’re needed. 

“We’re ready. We prepare,” Moudy said. “We plan for those events so that we can reduce the impact to the public. So, with this upcoming winter weather we always do a winter weather tabletop. Which just refreshes those plans, policies and procedures.”  

The City of Lubbock follows the National Weather Service Closely. That information is used to plan out the measures that are taken depending on the projected forecast. The city has an emergency snow removal route which outlines the roads that are the highest priority. 

The City of Lubbock is taking action to prevent the roads from being hazardous, but Moudy said a lot depends on drivers. 

“Regardless of how well the roads are treated,” Moudy said. “A lot of the response also impacts the public and how they respond. So this one, we had about half the amount of accidents that we’ve had in the past. And a lot of that’s due to the public slowing down, giving themselves additional time to get to where they’re going. And being prepared for that winter weather.”