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LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock utilities shifted to a different online system last week – assigning all customers a 10-digit account number to pay their bills. While the system may be confusing right now, it’s designed to save us all time in the long run.

Visit their website to get step-by-step instructions about the new system.

“When you make that switch, there are a million things behind the scenes that get improved,” said Matt Rose, spokesperson for Lubbock Power and Light. “You reach the decision where you need to migrate to a completely new system.”

To find your 10-digit account number, sign in to your utility account and select ‘My Online Accounts’ on the dashboard. New charges on the dashboard page will not appear until after your first bill since February 22nd.

If you never registered online before, for example, if you only ever made one-time payments online without creating an account, you’ll have to call or email the city to get your code.

Also, if you have an existing bill, you’ll need to make a one-time E-Z payment, or if you were enrolled in autopay, you’ll be charged automatically. To view any previous payments, you can go to the left sidebar menu on the website and click the ‘Document History.’

Although the situation sounds a little complicated, it will help the utility department to work more efficiently and help customers more quickly.

“The customer may not see it right up front,” said Rose. “But the goal is that in the long term, it allows the customer service reps to have a better interaction with those customers.”

In addition, the city will delay disconnections and late fees for the next 30 days as they figure out the system.

“What we’re telling our customers is, as we work through this transition, if you have questions, we want to work with you,” said Rose. “But do not feel like if you cannot pay your bill today that you’re going to get cut off, there’s going to be a grace period here.”

Following the storm, your bills will probably go up, but that’s not due to a change in rates. A lot of discussion surrounding energy pricing and what the future will look like are still ongoing. 

However, South Plains Electric Cooperative and LP&L said the public would not see any major spikes in their energy bills next month for any factors besides increased energy consumption.

“The next round of energy bills are going to reflect for most people, probably higher usage, higher consumption,” said SPEC Director of Communications Lynn Simmons. “And it was an extreme, as we all know, is an extreme cold weather event. And most of us used more power, so therefore, we can expect, probably, a higher bill.”

Everyone still has the option of paying bills as usual by mail or over the phone. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call or email the city’s utility department.

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