LUBBOCK, Texas — As winter starts to loom in on the Hub City, the Lubbock Fire Rescue reminded the public to be mindful when using any sort of portable heater in their homes.

During the winter weather, LFR said there will be high potential for fire hazards when using space heaters if there aren’t precautionary measures.

Space heaters are convenient and cost effective, however it is important to stay safe as the temperature plummets.

Here are some tips from LFR to prevent house fires.

  • Always make sure to place the space heater on solid ground
  • Keep 3 feet away from anything that can be combustible such as couches, blankets and curtains
  • Keep space heaters a safe distances from pets and kennels
  • Look for space heaters with an automatic shut-off 
  • NEVER leave a space heater unattended 
  • NEVER keep a heater on overnight 
  • Space heaters should ALWAYS be plugged into a wall and never into an extension cord as it can pull a lot of power and overheat, potentially causing a fire hazard

Additionally, LFR mentioned checking your smoke alarms to ensure it is working and if the battery needs to be changed.

For those using gas appliances, LFR also recommended having a Carbon Monoxide detector for additional safety measures.

Carbon Monoxide is undetectable because you cannot see, smell or hear the gas odor. Some symptoms of CO poisoning could be dizziness, shortness of breath and nausea.

LFR said any home within the Lubbock city limits can be eligible to qualify for a free smoke detector installed inside of your home.

LFR, the City of Lubbock and American Red Cross are in collaboration for this program. To find more information visit the website.