LUBBOCK, Texas — With Thanksgiving three weeks away and Christmas decorations already filling store shelves, families in Lubbock and the South Plains may like to know that the North Pole is now accepting letters to Santa Claus.

The United States Postal Service’s “Operation Santa” is helping make people’s Christmas wishes come true. In just four easy steps – read, shop, wrap and ship – anyone can participate in the operation and help Santa fulfill these wishes. The USPS provides thorough instructions and important dates to adopt a letter and ship gifts.

But for Christmas wishers, there are some must-dos when crafting the perfect letter to Kris Kringle.

First, you must write Santa’s mailing address on the envelope, said the USPS.

123 Elf Road
North Pole, 88888

Next, include your full name and return address in the upper left corner. Attach a First-Class stamp in the upper right corner, and your letter is ready to be shipped off.

The USPS also shared tips on making Santa’s job a little easier:

  • Write legibly
  • Include your full name and address in the letter
  • List the gifts you want in order of preferences
  • Be specific about the gifts you’re asking for
  • Don’t ask for gifts that might be too expensive.
  • Group all your family’s letters in one envelope and include additional stamps depending on the weight
  • Don’t include any 3D art
  • You can submit a letter even if you don’t have an existing USPS Operation Santa account

If sending letters for an organization or classroom:

  • The coordinator may send all letters together in a large envelope
  • Each letter must have their respective home address on it
  • Be sure to use sufficient postage

For those interested in sending a letter to the North Pole, detailed instructions, templates and a helpful letter-writing guide can be found on the USPS website.