Megan Estrada, Executive Director at the Hub City Outreach Center, interviewed on KLBK Bright & Early about the help they offer those in need on the South Plains.

The Center is using donations, grants and funds awarded in part by the Community Foundation of West Texas to help those who have encountered economic hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For information on how to get help, and which supplies are being offered, visit their website by clicking here.

Hub City Outreach center mission statement: “There is a strong desire in our hearts to reach out to at-risk youth with support, encouragement, prevention education, community resources and most of all, showing them the unconditional love they deserve. HCOC is an organization that grew from the compassion that a few Prevention Educators possessed for our youth in the community. This organization has the desire to provide programs that will help shape the youth into the world changers that we know they can be. We have experience with providing prevention education that is focused on setting personal goals for our youth and instructing them on the real dangers of substance misuse. Hub City Outreach Center’s holistic approach allows our prevention team and volunteers to work towards meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our youth. Our staff believes, through prevention education that we can help to empower our students on their road to success.”