The following is a news release from Texas Tech University:

The Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) program in the Texas Tech University College of Human Sciences was recently named to’s “Five Best Colleges for Human Development Majors in Texas.” 

The website ranked the top programs in the state by analyzing student career results, graduating class size and overall school performance.

“I am pleased the excellence of the department has been recognized and rewarded through this ranking,” said Linda Hoover, dean of the College of Human Sciences.  “Our faculty truly cares about student success and works hard to provide a quality educational experience that will give our graduates a solid foundation and every opportunity to succeed.”

Students in HDFS are equipped with the tools to navigate family and peer dynamics with an emphasis on the biological, cognitive, social, emotional, environmental and cultural aspects of development.

Various laboratories, including the Christine DeVitt and Helen DeVitt Jones Child Development Research Center, give students the opportunity to conduct research and offer a unique environment for student teaching and practicum courses. HDFS also houses human-centered laboratories led by faculty field experts that conduct cutting-edge research, excelling in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

HDFS also offers the Early Head Start program, which offers year-round comprehensive child development and family support services to over 100 Lubbock families. The Center for Adolescent Resiliency is also a program offered through HDFS providing a caring environment for local middle school and high school students.

After graduation, students are well prepared for careers that will make a positive difference in the lives and relationships across the human life span. Graduates in the program have landed esteemed positions in areas of social service, educational settings, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Ann Mastergeorge, chairwoman, Human Development and Family Studies, College of Human Sciences, Texas Tech University, (806) 834-7162 or 

(News release from Texas Tech University)