‘I always wanted to be a nurse’: Newly graduated nurses take the oath at SPC

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Nursing School at South Plains College had their graduation ceremony Friday, where dozens of students took an oath to save lives.

Graduation is what every freshman looks forward to even before they step into the classroom. After countless hours of studying and sleepless nights, these students will transition from the classroom into the hospital.

While each and every student had their own reason that inspired them to join the nursing profession, many of them said nursing was a calling. One graduate, Christin Rayna, said she always knew it was meant for her.

“I always wanted to be a nurse. I think my family being really ill and just dying so close to me really pushed me to want to be a nurse.” Rayna Said. “Nurses were always the ones who were there on the bedside and I just want to be that for some body else.”

Another graduate, Loretta Willie, traveled all the way from West Africa to study at South Plains College. Willie said she’s driven to learn all she can in the hopes of taking that knowledge back to serve her community.

“The main reason I got into nursing is because the healthcare system back there is very poor,” Willie said “So, my goal is to go to RN school, get my degree and go back to help my people.”

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