LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock woman was arrested Friday after she threatened a police officer and busted a cup on his head, a police report showed.

Officers responded to a call just before 6:15 p.m. stating that a woman, Louise May Tom, was in the roadway on the 2600 block of Avenue Q screaming and jumping in front of vehicles.

An officer approached Tom while she was standing in the street. The police report said Tom then charged at the officer with ‘her hands in an aggressive position over her head and stated ‘I am going to eat your face off.'”

The officer asked Tom to back away from him and sit on the curb, according to the report. Instead, Tom walked into oncoming traffic and was nearly struck by several vehicles.

Tom tried to run away from the officer, but he grabbed her arm and attempted to handcuff her, the police report said.

Tom was holding a Stripes cup containing an unknown beverage and smashed it on the officer’s head while he grabbed her other arm, per the report. The cup busted on his head, covering him in the beverage.

The officer eventually arrested her. While she was being placed in the patrol car, she said she had a knife on her and threatened to stab the arresting officer with it.

Tom was arrested and booked on four charges, including assault on an officer.

(This story was updated to include the booking image from Lubbock County.)