LUBBOCK, Texas — On March 31, a Portales family asked the community’s help for their 6-year-old daughter’s expenses for a hearing aid and travel costs through a GoFundMe. With help from the community, Lexi Preidis was able to receive her pink glittery hearing aids.

Lexi’s mom Calleigh, reached out to to share her excitement a few days after Lexi got new hearing aids on Tuesday.

When Lexi heard her cats meow she exclaimed, “Oh My God, that’s what it sounds like, it’s so cute!” 

Although Lexi sometimes gets headaches from processing sounds, “She feels amazing,” her mom said.

“Of course we will continue to monitor her, but we are happy that she can focus on school and we’re excited for her going forward,” she told

When Lexi was getting her hearing aids installed she had a beaming smile on her face, her mom said. 

Calleigh told that Lexi’s hearing aids include a microphone that she has access to. 

“I can hear you in my ear,” Lexi giggled as the doctor worked on Calleigh’s microphone. 

Her siblings were all “waiting by the door to see her hearing aids and she was excited to show them,” Calleigh expressed to 

The Preidis’ family is still adjusting to Lexi’s “new normal,” as there are moments when her siblings would sometimes forget that she can hear, Calleigh said.

 “Why are you yelling?,” Lexi would question her siblings. 

Calleigh mentioned to back in April that Lexi really wanted to know what her cat’s purr sounded like. When she heard her cats meow she exclaimed, “Oh My God, that’s what it sounds like, it’s so cute!” asked Calleigh if Lexi had a favorite song.

“She is loving listening to ‘We don’t talk about Bruno,’” Calleigh told

Calleigh expressed how thankful she is for helping Lexi get her pink glitter hearing aids.