LUBBOCK, Texas — Tumbleweeds blowing into homes across West Texas made it a headache for residents who take pride in their yards during the first week of January.

One homeowner who’s lived in West Lubbock for 14 years said she has never seen this extent of Tumbleweeds.

“I don’t know what to do. Besides spending weeks of my own personal time dealing with what we don’t feel like it was supposed to be our problem,” Bridgett Turner, Frustrated Resident, said.

Turner said the stacks of Tumbleweeds blew into her yard from behind her.

“…And we are left with a huge issue of which we don’t know what to do. It would take us weeks; we don’t have what we need to haul them off. I really don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to pay a company to come in and take care of what, in my opinion is not our problem,” Turner said.

Turner also said it’s a health and fire hazard.

“I can’t get to my animals very well; I can’t let my animals be out because they will have the coated and these weeds. I can’t really get into my gates or out of my gates without constantly having to move them,” Turner said.

A local Landscaping company in town has taken this as a chance to help the community ease their headaches.

Sergio Carson and Desiree Carroll, co-owners of The Lawn Barber service, said it takes a lot of work and time and protection is recommended when dealing with Tumbleweeds.

“Depending on you got the big ones, and then you got the little ones. A lot of them got them thorns. So, all it is, like we said, it’s just dead weeds that wasn’t properly took care of,” Carson said.

If you are looking for help from The Lawn Barber to help with those pesky tumbleweeds, you can give them a call at 806-777-1704.

The City of Lubbock said:

“In an effort to assist residents with tumbleweeds, from Thursday, January 5 through 5:00 p.m. Monday, January 9, the City of Lubbock will have additional containers at the four citizen convenience centers and free access to Caliche Canyon Landfill, located at 8425 North Avenue P, for residents to drop off tumbleweeds. 

The four citizen drop-off stations are located at:

  • Southside: 1631 84th Street 
  • Northside:  208 Municipal Drive 
  • South Milwaukee: 7308 Milwaukee Avenue
  • North Quaker: 4307 Adrian Street