LUBBOCK, Texas– Lakaria Moore’s surviving family members were left to pick up the pieces of their family after her body was found in East Lubbock County on Monday after she initially reported was missing over the weekend.

The Lubbock Police Department said they were given information that led them to the body of a female found in a car near North County Road 3000 and East County Road 3000. The body was later confirmed to be Lakaria.

Ladesia Dial, Lakaria’s mother, said she prayed to God to help her find her daughter and was relieved when she’s been found.

“I prayed and cried to God and to her and I said lead me to you, and she was found hour later. So she did that she lead us to her or whoever lead us to her, ” Dial said.

Dial told she also felt torn about the loss of her oldest daughter. Dial’s second oldest daughter Jada spoke some of her favorite memories with her older sister.

“Our last vacation we got to match for bed. We did TikToks together. She got to style my hair anytime she wanted to. I let her mess with me. Everything really.”

Dial also said her daughter was an excellent hair braider and loved her sisters deeply and needed remain strong for remaining children.

“Like I still have to stay strong for them and my son, and it’s hard to tell them that their sister is never coming back. That’s their main question when is [Lakaria] coming home, and I have no words. All they want to know is when you go to heaven where do you go from there and I can not tell them that because I don’t know,” Dial said.

LPD named Christopher Carter, 39 as a suspect in Lakaria’s death and obtained an arrest warrant for first degree murder. A search warrant was also obtained for Carter’s home in the 2400 block of East 5th Street.

Authorities asked for the public’s help in locating Carter and encouraged anyone with information to call Crime Line at (806)-741-1000.