‘I just heard people screaming’ — Man dies in house fire after trying to save dog

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LUBBOCK, Texas — One man lost his life after the house he was living in caught fire in the 2300 block of 47th Street Monday morning.

Lori Ramirez, a next-door neighbor, said she contacted the police around 1:30 a.m. after she and her husband were startled by a loud boom coming from next door.

“I just heard people screaming,” said Ramirez. “The house was just like—Boom! Boom! And flames [were] everywhere.”

Ramirez said she took her child outside across the street as she watched the fire engulf the house and saw two ladies come out of the house.

“It was just horrible. You know, my house caught on fire as well,” said Ramirez. “Windows were broken, but my neighbors are the ones that lost everything.”

Ruben Perez said he lived in the house for a month with his girlfriend and her brother, Lincoln Flores. He said he was at work when the fire happened. Perez said it was Lincoln who led his two sisters to safety and went back to get their family dog.

“It’s pretty much a drastic situation for Nadia and her family. You know, losing her brother,” said Perez. “[Lincoln] [was] a good person, worked hard, you know, didn’t bother no one.”

Perez said the house did not have electricity and that they all had to figure out ways to get light and keep warm.

Phillip Grandon, captain of the Lubbock Fire Rescue said the house did not have a fire detector and that it could have made a difference in getting the residents out sooner from the fire.

“The first engine got there in three minutes and 31 seconds… By the time they were alerted to it, the fire had time to grow rapidly because there was no early detection from a smoke detector,” said Grandon, “so the people had a very difficult time escaping the structure because the fire had grown.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe to pay for funeral expenses. CLICK HERE to donate.

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