LUBBOCK, Texas – There’s a special character around Texas Tech’s campus in December; a red-headed Buddy the Elf, probably more well-known as Amanda Reeves.

Amanda said her goal by dressing up as Buddy the Elf each year is to spread joy and cheer all year-round across the Hub City, not just in the month of December.

She has been doing this for quite some time now. She said she found a Buddy the Elf onesie six years ago and has been going strong since. One might ask, why?

“I love the whole meaning behind the Elf movie, Buddy just brings so much joy and excitement,” she explained. “Just making sure that everybody sees the full joy of Christmas, but I just feel that one of my desires is to be Buddy the Elf year-round to everybody.”

Amanda said that one way she tries to do that, is by smiling. “Smiling is my favorite,” she added.

She added, “I love to bring the joy and the humor and sometimes we just get so crazy in the world and so busy and just to have that little break and that little laugh for about five seconds even, really will help bring so much joy.”

Amanda works in student housing at Texas Tech, which is why there are so many pictures of her by the Double T. She said she also has a gingerbread romper, but this Christmas Day, she’ll be rocking some Buddy the Elf overalls.

“I hope my friends, my family, and anybody that knows me or gets to know me sees Buddy the Elf in me 365 days a year,” she explained.