LUBBOCK, Texas – The Soto family spent most of December fighting COVID. NaKay Soto said nothing could have prepared her for the trauma of finding her younger brother, Christopher Soto’s body after he lost his fight against the virus in their home.

“Honestly, I thought I was gonna be the one to go. I felt like I was gonna die,” NaKay said.

The Soto family all constructed the virus around the same time. Christopher Soto was the first to test positive shortly after starting a new job December 5. Right afterward, the virus wreaked havoc in their household. NaKay said it’s nothing she’s ever experienced in her life.

“I was literally laying in my bed trying to make out a will in my head. Who was getting what because I was that miserable,” NaKay said.

Kathy Soto, Christopher’s mother, said before contracting COVID, they had been struggling with the decision of whether to get vaccinated.

“We all thought we were doing what you’re supposed to do,” Kathy said. “You know, besides getting the vaccine, we all thought we were doing what we were supposed to do, to avoid getting it or tried, you know, to avoid getting the COVID.”

Little did they know just how much their lives would be flipped upside down. On December 17, less than two weeks after testing positive 28-year-old Christopher Adam Soto wasn’t coming out of his room or interacting with anyone. His family began to worry something was wrong. 

“I hadn’t seen him come out of the room Thursday, but I had been sleeping off and on so I could have missed him,” NaKay said. “And she [Kathy] went to check on him earlier, and he looked like he was sleeping. And the next thing I know she’s yelling at me to put Crowley–my little chihuahua–in his kennel, and she’s calling 911.” 

Kathy called 911, but by the time help arrived, it was too late. Christopher had died. 

“I was in my room, and they were like, ‘Nikki, I’m so sorry. There’s no reversing that he’s gone. He’s cold,’” NaKay said. 

The Soto family said losing Christopher was sudden and was completely unexpected. While mourning the loss of their loved one, they have a warning for others to take the virus seriously. 

“It’s crazy. This stuff is no joke,” Kathy said. “You do not want to play with it. And if you haven’t gotten the vaccine, I suggest you do.”  

Only weeks after losing Christopher, the family is struggling to raise enough money to lay him to rest. For those who would like to help, they have a Go Fund Me.