LUBBOCK Texas – The City of Lubbock Code Enforcement and Solid Waste departments said illegal dumping still continues to be an issue in the city.

Stuart Walker, Director of Code Enforcement for the city said illegal dumping began to increase amid the pandemic because more people have been at home. He said their main goal is to educate the public on steps they should take to avoid getting cited for illegal dumping.

“We want people to know that there are four recycling centers,” he said, “That’s a service that we provide to the citizens of Lubbock so they don’t have to drive all the way out to the dump and get rid of these items.”

Del Rio Mullen, Customer Service Director for Solid Waste at the city, said items that typically get left beside residential dumpsters are usually mattresses, couches and other bulky furniture. He said as Lubbock City residents have a responsibility to maintain their alley ways clean.

“If you put it in the alley, that’s illegal dumping,” he said. “That’s a public right away. We ask citizens per our ordinances to maintain not only their property [but] the property within their property lines.”

Mullen said residents of the city actually pay to have convenience stations around the city.

“It’s included in your utility charge. That’s one of the things that $17 a month covers,” he said, “[The] use of this station, staffing this station, as well as, the equipment we need to run it.”

For more information on convenience stations around the city click here.