LUBBOCK, Texas– A police report released on Tuesday revealed 15 shots were fired in an East Lubbock park Sunday afternoon.

At approximately 4:30 p.m., officers responded to Washington Park, 2102 Cedar Avenue, for a report of shots fired. Prior to arriving on the scene, an officer was told there was a gunshot wound victim, the report said.

A witness nearby told the officer that he was driving nearby and heard approximately 13 gunshots. The witness said he circled back around to check for any injuries.

Another witness told police there were people arguing in the street in front of his house, the report said. That witness then told police he heard approximately 15 gunshots and saw multiple vehicles driving away.

Officers located 15 shell casings in the street along the 2100 block of Cedar Avenue, the report said.

According to police, there were two locations where shell casings were found as if “two parties opened fire towards each other from different spots.” Officers also found areas with small pools of fresh blood in the street and fake nail tips close to the shell casings found, the report said.

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While officers began processing the scene, dispatch notified police that two gunshot victims arrived at University Medical Center in a Chevrolet Suburban.

The officer spoke with the second victim, who said he arrived on the scene and saw multiple women arguing with his sister, due to an incident that occurred at a club the previous night, the report said.

The victim said as he walked up, the suspect grabbed a black handgun out of a vehicle and started shooting, according to police. The victim said his stepfather put him and his brother, the other victim, into his Chevrolet and rushed them to UMC since they were injured.

An officer then spoke with the first victim, and he said he was there with his family, when the suspect and others arrived. Furthermore, the victim said he heard the suspect say “When she gets here, I’m gonna smoke her,” the report said.

Shortly after the shots were fired, the victim said he began running until he “felt a pain” in his foot. At this point, the victim said he realized he was shot.

According to police, a suspect was not located Tuesday, and the case remained under investigation.