LUBBOCK, Texas — A family friend of Leslie Rodriguez shared details of her recovery more than a week after she was stabbed, doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. Aspiring actor Ynez Spencer, 27, of Lubbock was charged with aggravated assault and booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center November 28. As of Tuesday, he remained locked up. And Rodriguez remained hospitalized.

Raven Deleon shared updates and pictures with KAMC and Deleon described the fight Rodriguez continued to wage to get better and get back to her children.

Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to a house near 106th Street and Elgin Avenue. Rodriguez was found outside the house “with severe burns on her face and body,” court records said.

During a dispute, court records said, Spencer struck her several times before “stabbing or slicing her in the upper left leg with an unknown edged weapon,” official records said. Those same records said he ran off after attacking her. He was located, taken to the Lubbock Police Department and then booked into the jail.

Deleon described permanent disfiguring injuries Rodriguez suffered. Images portrayed skin grafts, burns, and a stab wound. The images also portrayed her face beaten to the point Rodriquez was almost unrecognizable.

“Nobody deserves this,” Deleon said, “let alone Leslie.”

“She’s sweet. She’s smart. She’s gorgeous,” Deleon said.

“The biggest thing they’re fighting is making sure the skin grafts are compatible with her body. I actually think yesterday [Monday], they were going to check and just make sure that the body is taking everything in,” Delon said.

“But other than that, she’s taking things slowly, which of course she should be. She’s resting.”

Deleon also said, “Her children are with her sister. So that’s good. They don’t need to see mom in this condition.”

Deleon has used her own lash business to help raise funds for Rodriguez’s recovery, “There’s nothing specifically I want her to use the money for, it’s whatever needs to be or even doctor’s bills. I personally know that those can shoot sky high, especially with a lot of the procedures she had done, they have to be pretty hefty,”

A GoFundMe account was set up to help Rodriguez with the financial burdens of her recovery. Click here for information.

You can also donate to Leslie’s sister’s Venmo to help with medical expenses at @Graciela-Rodriguez-43