LUBBOCK, Texas — An arrest warrant against Christopher Carmona, 22, which was made available on Tuesday morning described the events that led up to the most recent murder case in Lubbock. Carmona was arrested Monday and charged with murder.

Image of Christopher Carmona from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

Early Monday morning, police were called to the 4900 block of Bangor Avenue. They found a dead man lying on the grass outside of some apartments. He appeared to have been shot multiple times according to the warrant.

“The deceased male was later identified as Walter Harper through fingerprint analysis,” the warrant said. After the release of the warrant, police said Harper was age 23.

Police began to look for witnesses and found one who saw the shooting.

“[A witness] stated he had observed a black male chasing a white male between
building D at 5401 50th Street. The black male stopped on 50th Street and fired a handgun numerous times at the fleeing white male.”

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Another witness had ties to both Harper and Carmona.

“She stated she had been in a dating relationship with Walter Harper and had also been seeing Carmona,” the warrant said.

“She stated Harper was at her apartment and Carmona wanted to come over also,” the warrant said. “She told Harper that Carmona was coming over and he began to get dressed to leave. She stated Carmona arrived and knocked on the door. Harper answered the door and saw it was Carmona and shut the door.”

4900 block of Bangor Avenue (Nexstar/Staff)

The two men went outside and argued so the woman did not see what happened but she heard three gunshots, according to the warrant.

The warrant did not say how many shots were fired but indicated “a large number of casings were located.”

“Carmona returned to the apartment and she asked him about the gunshots. He told her ‘It’s all good. He’s gone,’” the warrant said.

When police questioned Carmona he at first claimed to know nothing about the shots. He later said he fired into the air because Harper had an AR-15 shooting at him.

Police did not believe him.

“Video surveillance from the apartment complex was obtained and the video captured the shooting in its entirety,” the warrant said.

In April, Carmona was one of two gunshot victims with non-life-threatening injuries in the 2700 block of East Baylor Street.

Carmona remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Tuesday morning on a $250,000 bond.

NOTE: Just help clarify some of the conflicting information, we updated to story to quote the warrant as saying “a large number of casings were located.”