LUBBOCK, Texas- Mara’s Manna Women Sober Living is a program for women to get the resources and support they need as they recover from various types of addiction, sexual abuse and eating disorders.

InspireLBK Board Member Aubrey Boone said this home is tailored specifically for women to have a safe haven and feel comfortable without it being coed.

“There isn’t a lot of places for women only,” Boone said. “So, it really became a passion for me in needing recovery to have a women’s house. I personally have had to deal with a lot of sexual trauma, so that makes a long road for recovery.”

Boone said security will be enforced for the safety of the women, there will also be in house counselors and accountability groups.

“We are wanting to offer the women to do the MAT program that’s a (Medically Assisted Therapy) to be able to get off substances and also harm reduction,” Boone said. “Working with a couple of the treatment facilities around here.”

InspireLBK Board Members Jason Bridges and Dillon Keeling know first-hand the improvement recovery can make and look forward to these women receiving the help they need.

“What most benefited me was having support from people who weren’t in recovery,” Bridges said. “They need those outlets to really get stable in their recovery life and to return to society and be a full functioning citizen.”  

“My dream, and I think all our dreams are to help people not just to recover from addiction but recover from a lot of stuff. Sexual trauma, abuse, homelessness,” Keeling said.

Applications are now open, and the organization is still working on many women will live in the home at a time.

“We really don’t have a set time,” Boone said. “We want everybody to be able to heal at their own pace without feeling rushed or that there is a deadline or making them leave too soon.”

The organization is in need of bunk beds immediately among other items. For more information visit the Facebook. To make a donation visit the Amazon wishlist.