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LUBBOCK, Texas — A local favorite, The Cast Iron Grill, recently went through what no restaurant wants to go through, and it was all caught on camera.

“My alarm went off that there had been an intruder in the building,” said the Owner of Cast Iron Grill, Teresa Stephens.

The robbery happened around 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, the intruder used a crowbar to break the door frame and get inside.

“They had gotten in our side patio door, got our cash drawer and had gotten out,” said Stephens.

The whole incident took a mere 11 seconds, the police arriving on the scene in minutes but still too late.

The owners said since they moved to 19th Street, this is their sixth robbery and their second in the last year.

“Like this is my home, you know, so like anybody, you just feel like your space has been violated, and you feel scared for a little bit,” said Stephens.

For a business hit hard by pandemic regulations, it hurts, but they are thankful it wasn’t worse.

“We’ve felt like we’ve held our breath for a year,” said Stephens. “When Governor Abbott lifted all the mandates I felt like I had breathed for the first time in a year. We didn’t even realize, you know, the massive amounts of stress we’ve all been under, and then all of a sudden you have to go buy a $2500 door, and your like, ‘Dag gum! That’s not what I wanted to do!”

The intruder made off with less than they might have hoped for.

“We keep nothing in this building as far as monetary value anymore. We learned our lesson,” said Stephens. “Yeah, he didn’t get anything, he was probably very disappointed.”

But still, the incident caused harm to such a loved restaurant.

“I think in our world today, you are either bored, or you are hurting, and you do desperate things, but I don’t know what makes someone do that. So we just move on from it and learn from it,” said Stephens.

The folks at the Cast Iron Grill are still looking for a suspect, but for now, have replaced the door that was broken and hope it will deter any more folks from breaking in.

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