LUBBOCK, Texas — The Seagraves ISD Superintendent talked with KLBK News about the bus crash that happened on Saturday on US Highway 62/82 and David Bailey Road. 

Superintendent Joshua Goen was in a vehicle behind the bus and explained how the crash happened.

He said the bus was on its way to the UIL Marching Contest happening in Lubbock.

“The speed limit was 75, we’re going below that. And there’s a turning lane in the median — [the] pickup truck pulled out in front of our bus at the last second, [the bus driver] was unable to do anything, no time to react,” Goen said. “And so, he hit that vehicle that failed to yield, and our bus was redirected off of the roadway,” Goen said.

Goen said the bus ended up about 200 yards (600 feet) down the road from where the accident happened.

“We had one adult trapped in the front of the bus,” Goen said.

Goen said within the first 15 minutes, his phone started to flood with phone calls and texts.

“[We] had coaches, administrators and counselors on the scene, some of them beat the first responders,” Goen said. “We were about 25 miles from home. And so, the community members, parents showed up on the scene. Everybody pitched in.”

Goen said counselors reached out several times to those involved to make sure they were okay and if they needed anything.

“The students definitely did not leave the situation feeling alone, it was great to see everybody come together to show that love and support,” Goen said.

The bus was extremely damaged and Goen said the district is working on getting more resources.

He also said it will be hard for some students that were involved, as there can be anxiety and stress for future trips.

“[I’m] just thankful that no one was more injured,” Goen said, “And a blessing to see all of the community members chip in, so [that’s] one of the good things about living here in rural West Texas.”

Goen asked for continued prayers for safe travel on future trips with any kids.