LUBBOCK, Texas — After a young man was hurt in a sledding accident on Tuesday, EMS and the Lubbock Police Department gave some tips on how Lubbockites should stay safe.

Chad Curry, Training Chief with University Medical Center EMS, said every year there is going to be some accidents. Curry said it could be from sledding or those trying to ski from behind a vehicle.

“Unfortunately, around Lubbock there are not a lot of hills. So, in doing that, people have to get creative. They try to use the vehicle to pull them. And that’s always very dangerous. And we’ll unfortunately have to see that every year. So, we want to make sure that people are being safe,” Curry said.

Curry said snowing accidents aren’t seen often, but when they do happen, they can be devastating. If you decide to have a snow day and play, make sure you are taking precautions.

“First of all, proper attire, more padding and then something to cover your head, a good helmet. And what that will do is that will help protect us as much as possible,” Curry said.