LUBBOCK, Texas — What are criminals looking for during vehicle burglaries? Lieutenant Brady Cross with the Lubbock Police Department explained what is recommended to avoid becoming a victim of the crime.

“Anything of value, I mean, typically those that are breaking into cars are looking for a financial gain,” Lt. Cross said.

The most common stolen item is guns. Lt. Cross said guns are stolen so they can be traded for things out on the street, like drugs or money.

This is not just a seasonal crime, its year-round.

“For the most part they’re overnight… It’s easier for criminals in the darkness and a night when no one’s around, no one’s watching, that’s the most opportune time to break into vehicles,” Lt. Cross said.

Lt. Cross told that more than likely, stolen items that are mass produced are returned.

“What’s most vital for us is serial numbers, something that we can specifically say this belongs to the victim in this case,” Lt. Cross said.

Lubbock Police recommended that you take extra precaution when leaving your car for the night.

Lt. Cross said “…parking your vehicle in your garage, at night at your home is the number one way to keep it safe. If that’s not an option, parking in a well-lit area, having overhead lighting and cameras nearby.”

Here are ways to file a report if you were a victim of vehicle burglary:

  • Call the non-emergency number 806-775-2865
  • If there is physical evidence, an officer can go out to you and make a report in person
  • File a report online, here